The STBD recorder measures turbidity (or the concentration of suspended particles) on a 750 NTU (3 g/l) range, depth and temperature. It is equipped with a SeaPoint sensor emitting a modulated light at 880 nm. The light reflected by the particles is detected by a cell which provides a signal proportional to their concentration in the medium. Measurement of turbidity is possible up to concentrations of 2,000 NTU. The STBD can be supplied with a sensor of greater sensitivity, up to 2.5 NTU over the full scale. Three depth ranges, 20, 300 and 6,000 meters, are available. The measure of temperature is made with a good level of accuracy and low time constant. The STBD recorder can store up to 600,000 data points. It has its own source of energy (pack of interchangeable lithium batteries) and the dated data are read by a PC via a portable inductive serial interface. A Windows-based software allows viewing and processing of the data.


Nke Instrumentation
Nke Instrumentation

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Technical specifications

Turbidity range
Light source wavelength
Depth rating
Power supply
Max. power consumption
Internal memory
Weight in air
Weight in water

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