The seismocorder GEOLON-MTS provides long-term acquisition and storage of seismological and pressure signals.
The recorder is based on the well proven GEOLON-MLS. Like for the MLS, the power consumption and the time base stability is highly optimized.
Each GEOLON-MTS offers 4 input channels for 4C data acquisition:
Three for broad band seismometers, one for a hydrophone or differential pressure gauge. In addition, the MTS provides the data acquisition of high precision pressure data from sensors of Paroscientific via an extra RS232 interface. In a special version the MTS is able to communicate with hydroacoustic modems and to apply a Tsunami detection algorithm to the acquired pressure data.
The parameterisation of the instrument can easily be carried out and all parameters are permanently stored in non-volatile memory.


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Technical specifications

Depth rating-
Housing material-
Data storage capacity-
Time base stability-
Power supply-
Power consumption-
Temperature range-

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