Acoustic Release

Marine Electronics manufactures a range of Acoustic Release Systems covering a wide range of applications. Due to the modular construction employed, custom solutions to specific requirements may be provided at low cost. Parameters of the release system that may be customised include the acoustic frequency, transducer beam pattern, release load, operating depth, package style, actuation method, and battery size/type.
The operational frequency may be selected from 7 kHz for long range operation to 100 kHz for shallow water or short range applications. Transducers may be either spherical for omni-directional use, cylindrical for shallow water use or piston for deep water use.
The standard release package is rated at 250 kg when moored in line. These basic units may drive a secondary or tertiary hook to amplify the load rating. The example shown in the main photograph is rated at 4 tonnes. The primary release is motor driven with a single rotating shaft penetrating the pressure housing. Units may be manufactured for depth ratings to 6000 m, the standard units being rated at 1000 m.
The release may be supplied as a stand-alone remote package to connect to an external transponder or third party trigger mechanism. Alternatively the release may be incorporated into the transponder base.


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