Subsea Metallic Enclosures

Bellamare will work with the requirements of your project to recommend materials and enclosure shapes specifically suited to your application. From simple cylinders to complex geometries, we will find the most efficient solution for your particular needs, recommend underwater connectors and deliver fully assembled and tested enclosures.
For further customization we can also integrate a variety of accessories into your housing, including glass or acrylic viewports, interior mounting racks, external mounting brackets, pressure release valves, and nitrogen filling fittings.
Our enclosures are used internationally for a wide variety of applications, including housing underwater lights, battery packs, still and video cameras, sensors, thrusters, telemetry, junction boxes, electronics pods, and lasers…
Bellamare utilizes proven manufacturing methods and rigorous quality control inspections to guarantee that we deliver high quality products every time. We have the resources to complete full production runs, but we are also interested in receiving small orders and of course manufacturing individual housings.


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Technical specifications

Max. operating depth
Inner diameter ID
Inner lenght IL
Outer diameter OD
Outer lenght OL
Weight in air
Weight in water

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