Underwater Cables

PDM has acquired extensive knowledge and experience of the key parameters necessary for selecting cable designs for underwater applications. These parameters can include:

• Torsional stability
• Abrasion resistance
• Buoyancy
• Mechanical performance
• Interstitial waterblocking
• Depth rating

This knowledge has been gained through 25 years of experience in specifying and supplying cable for a diverse range of underwater applications. These applications have typically involved the termination of connectors to the cables which has provided invaluable additional input to the cable design process.

PDM is therefore ideally positioned to provide a cable specification and supply service for underwater cables.

In addition and of significant benefit to Customers, PDM has an extensive stock of a wide range of cable that are available for immediate delivery. The option of PDM stock cable also gives Customers a cost benefit as cable supply is typically burdened with minimum order quantities that can have a dramatic affect on cable cost. Long lead times can also be a problem with special cables.

The majority of stock cables are polyurethane jacketed which means that subsequent termination and moulding processes are simplified. PDM also supplies a range of polyurethane elastomers and associated products for encapsulation and moulding and can offer material selection advice.


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Technical specifications

Cable diameter
Bending radius
Depth rating
Weight in air
Weight in water
Breaking strenght
Conductor resistance
Insulation resistance
Operating voltage
Outer jacket

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