DeepWater 420 - Standard

DeepWater 420 is a precision tiltmeter (inclinometer) designed for underwater measurements or any other application where measurements must be made under high external pressures. It offers durability, unrivaled sensitivity and long-term stability under these demanding conditions. Its case is machined from a solid piece of tough and noncorrodible 316 stainless steel.

The DeepWater 420 is an excellent choice for monitoring the behavior of underwater structures such as dams, oil platforms and pipelines; measuring the rotational movement of dredges and other underwater machinery; and tracking the pitch and roll of ships and other vessels. The 4-20 mA output can be transmitted over long cables without signal losses.


Applied Geomechanics Incorporated
Applied Geomechanics Incorporated

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Technical specifications

Angular range
Scale factors
Temperature coefficient
Time constant
Tilt output
Depth rating
Operating temperature
Weight in air

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