SBE 39

The SBE 39 is a high-accuracy temperature (pressure optional) recorder with internal battery and non-volatile memory for deployment at depths up to 10500 m (34,400 ft). The 39 is intended for moorings or other long-term, fixed-site applications, as well as shorter-term deployments on nets, towed vehicles, or ROVs. Calibration coefficients are stored in EEPROM, and uploaded data is in ASCII engineering units (°C and decibars). The 39’s thermistor, the same sensor used in the SBE 16plus V2 SEACAT and 37 MicroCAT, has a long history of exceptional accuracy and stability; drift is typically less than 0.002 °C per year. Two configurations are offered:
• Thermistor embedded in titanium endcap (25-second time constant), for rugged conditions.
• External thermistor in pressure-protected sheath (0.5-second time constant), for fast sampling.
The 39’s optional Druck pressure sensor employs a micro-machined silicon diaphragm in which the strain elements are implanted with semiconductor fabrication techniques. Unlike metal diaphragms, silicon’s crystal structure is perfectly elastic, so the sensor is essentially free of pressure hysteresis. Compensation of temperature influence on pressure offset and scale is performed by the 39’s CPU.


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Sea-Bird Electronics, Inc.

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Technical specifications

Range-5 to 35 ºC
Accuracy± 0.002 ºC
Resolution0.0001 ºC
Response time-
Depth rating600 or 10500 m
Supply voltage9 - 30 VDC
Memory64 Mbyte non-volatile FLASH (32,900,000 bytes usable)
DimensionsØ48.2 mm x 350.6 mm
Weight in air0.6 or 1.2 kg
Weight in water0.25 or 0.7 kg
Materials0.25 or 0.7 kg

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