SBE 35

The SBE 35 is a laboratory standards thermometer with the unique ability to be used both in fixed point cells and at depths up to 6800 meters (22,300 ft). It is unaffected by shock and vibration encountered in shipboard and industrial environments, making it ideal for use in calibration laboratories in the range of -5 to +35° C, and in the thermodynamic method of measuring hydro turbine efficiency. The SBE 35 communicates via a standard RS-232 interface at 300 baud, 8 data bits, no parity. The SBE 35 makes a temperature measurement each time a bottle fire confirmation is received, and stores the value in EEPROM. Each stored value contains the time and bottle position in addition to the temperature data, allowing comparison of the SBE 35 record with CTD and water bottle data. Using one SBE 35 eliminates the need for reversing thermometers, and provides higher accuracy temperature readings at lower cost.


Sea-Bird Electronics, Inc.
Sea-Bird Electronics, Inc.

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Technical specifications

Range-5 to 35 ºC
Accuracy± 0.001 ºC
Resolution0.000025 ºC
Response time-
Depth rating6800 m
Supply voltage9 - 16 VDC
MemoryEEPROM; Up to 179 samples
DimensionsØ48 mm x 343 mm
Weight in air0.9 kg
Weight in water0.5 kg

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