SBE 3plus

The superior performance of the SBE 3plus results from its optimized electronic design, superior calibration, response characterization, and quality testing program. The SBE 3plus is a more rigorously tested and calibrated version of our SBE 3F temperature sensor. A sensor is designated as an SBE 3plus only after demonstrating drift of less than 0.001 °C during a six-month screening period. In addition, the time response is carefully measured and verified to be 0.065 ± 0.010 seconds. Every SBE 3plus is calibrated in Sea-Bird's computer-controlled calibration baths. These superlow-gradient baths produce temperature calibrations with resolution and accuracy not previously available to oceanographers. These sensors can be successfully calibrated as separate modules because they have built-in acquisition circuits and frequency outputs. When used with a Sea-Bird CTD, overall system accuracy is limited only by the accuracy of the CTD's master clock. Errors from this source are demonstrably negligible (in the SBE 911plus CTD, clock error contribution is 0.00016 °C based on a five-year worst case error budget including ambient temperature influence of 1 ppm total over -20 to +70 °C, plus 1 ppm first year drift, plus four additional year’s drift at 0.3 ppm per year).


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Technical specifications

Range-5 to 35 ºC
Accuracy± 0.001 ºC
Resolution0.0003 ºC
Response time0.065 s
Depth rating6800 or 10500 m
Supply voltage11 - 16 VDC
Communications± 0.5V square wave
DimensionsØ48 mm x 270 mm
Weight in air0.63 or 0.9 kg
Weight in water0.28 or 0.55 kg
Materials7075 Aluminium or 6AI-4V Titanium

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