The SBE 3F is an enhanced version of Sea-Bird's proven SBE 3 temperature sensor. The superior performance of the SBE 3F results from its optimized electronic design combined with an extraordinarily precise calibration procedure and quality testing program. The SBE 3F has a time response of approximately 0.07 second, an initial accuracy of 0.001 °C, and is typically stable to 0.002 °C per year. Every SBE 3F is calibrated in Sea-Bird's computer-controlled calibration baths. These superlow-gradient baths produce temperature calibrations with resolution and accuracy not previously available to oceanographers. These sensors can be successfully calibrated as separate modules because they have built-in acquisition circuits and frequency outputs. When used with a CTD system, overall system accuracy is equal to the sensor accuracy degraded only by the uncertainty in the CTD's master clock. A typically small clock error of 1 ppm affords a temperature error of less than 50 μ°C.


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Technical specifications

Range-5 to 35 ºC
Accuracy± 0.001 ºC
Response time0.07 s
Depth rating6800 or 10500 m
Supply voltage11 - 16 VDC
Communications± 0.5V square wave
DimensionsØ48 mm x 270 mm
Weight in air0.63 or 0.9 kg
Weight in water0.28 or 0.55 kg
Materials7075 Aluminium or 6AI-4V Titanium

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