The XR-420 T8, T16 and T24 are a series of multichannel temperature data recorders designed to operate with arrays of thermistors. The XR-420 can include up to three eight-channel modules, and any combination of thermistors (up to 24) can be readily made using the eight channel modules. Other sensor channels may be added to the T8 and T16. The thermistor arrays are made to order, and may be any practical length. They have been made to be deployed in sea or lake water, as well as underground, in concrete, in permafrost or in ice. They have been used to measure internal waves and for cryospheric studies. The array may be mounted in-line on a cable, or embedded into a rugged PVC tube for ground temperature measurements. They may be used at depths up to 4,000 m, and there are versions for sediment probes. The data logger has an extended operational temperature range of -40 to +35 °C. The standard thermistor used in the strings is the Thermometrics P Series, chosen for stability. The thermistor strings are calibrated to ±0.005 ºC against ITS-90 primary standards.


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RBR Europe Ltd.

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+44 (0) 1865 890979


Technical specifications

Range5 ˚C to 35 ˚C; extended range to -40 ˚C
Accuracy± 0.005 ºC
Resolution< 0.00005 ºC
Response time-
Depth rating4000 m
Supply voltage12 VDC
CommunicationsRS-232/485; logged, cable, or telemetry
Memory8 Mbyte Flash (2,400,000 samples)
DimensionsØ64 mm x 230 mm or Ø64 mm x 310 mm
Weight in air0.85 or 1.2 kg
Weight in water0.2 or 0.38 kg

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