The TR-1060 is a 25 mm diameter version of TR-1050 and uses less power, but has the same or better performance with a 24 bit a/d. This compact, extremely rugged, high accuracy device is ideal for coastal and deep water oceanography, freshwater, groundwater, and ice research. The Model TR-1060 is calibrated to an accuracy of ±0.002 °C (ITS-90 and NIST traceable standards). Drift has been measured at better than 0.002 °C/year. The thermistors used in the TR-1060 are available in two housings. The standard thermistor has a time constant of less than 3 seconds. The optional fast thermistor has a time constant of about 0.1 seconds. The TR-1060 can be deployed for a period of up to three years by using one high-power 3 V lithium cell battery (CR123A). A new mechanical design mitigates condensation or risk of damage during battery replacement or data download. 8 MB of storage provides sufficient memory for 2,400,000 samples and a full set of samples can be taken by one battery. Flash memory ensures data retention for 20 years.


RBR Europe Ltd.
RBR Europe Ltd.

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+44 (0) 1865 890979

Technical specifications

Range-5 to 35 ºC (extendable)
Accuracy± 0.002 ºC
Resolution< 0.00005 ºC
Response time3 s
Depth rating1200 m
Supply voltage3 VDC
Memory8 Mbyte Flash (2,400,000 samples)
DimensionsØ25 mm x 240 mm
Weight in air0.15 kg
Weight in water0.055 kg

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