The T-Chain is designed to collect data from a variety of parameters such as temperature, dissolved oxy­gen and pressure. Each chain is custom designed depending upon the number of sensors and their location, as well as length. It consists of a single poly­urethane sheathed cable with Kevlar core. There is one digital channel on the data logger, which allows accomodation of many nodes. Digital thermistor and oxygen nodes are located at user-specified intervals. PME’s method of molding the sensors provides the best possible mechanical protection and water proof­ing integrity, while maintaining a fast response time. The T-Chain can be installed as a simple hanging type suspended from the water surface, or connected to a water adjusting mooring system, which keeps the Chain from sitting on the bottom. PME certifies the chain from manufacturing defects for one year. Currently there are chains that have been continuously working for two years without much service.


Precision Measurement Engineering
Precision Measurement Engineering

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Technical specifications

Range0 to 36 °C
Accuracy± 0.01 ºC
Resolution± 0.0005 ºC
Response time2 s
Depth rating165 m
Supply voltage-
CommunicationsRS232, RS485 and PME Logger
Weight in air-
Weight in water-

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