Specifically designed for anomaly detection, the SDM-4000 is the perfect economical tool for locating ferrous metal objects, on bottom, or buried. This magnetometer is depth rated to 4000 ft. and will operate with cable lengths up to 4000 ft. The depressor wing design uses the forward motion of the boat to keep the tow fish down. This saves on the amount of cable required to reach a certain depth.


Shark Marine Technologies Inc.
Shark Marine Technologies Inc.

23 Nihan Drive, Unit #4
L2N 1L2 Ontaria St. Catharines



Technical specifications

Operating range±100000 nT
Sensitivity6.7 nT/√Hz
Absolute accuracy-
Gradient tolerance-
Heading error-
Sampling rate-
Depth rating1200 m
Power requirement12 VDC, 0.5 A
Operating temperature-
Diameter140 mm x 190 mm x 330 mm
Weight in air2.25 kg
Weight in water-

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