MX500 Digital

The MX500 Digital Magnetometer is our latest design of marine proton precession magnetometer which uses one of the new generation of ultra low power microprocessors to create an active tow-fish. The magnetometer consists of a tow-fish which can be supplied with various lengths of cable up to 150 meters, a Control unit and display software which runs on a standard PC or laptop. The Control unit provides the interface between the tow-fish and the PC, it also connects data from a GPS and an echo sounder to the PC. All data is transferred to the PC using just one COM port. Our survey software package MX Survey II displays the data in graphical form on the PC screen while simultaneously storing it to memory. The data can be saved to hard disc for analysis later.


Planet Electronics Ltd.
Planet Electronics Ltd.

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Technical specifications

Operating range22000 to 65000 nT
Resolution0.5 nT
Absolute accuracy-
Gradient tolerance-
Heading error-
Sampling rate-
Depth rating-
Power requirement23 - 29 VDC, 2.5 A
Operating temperature-
Diameter310 mm x 860 mm
Weight in air12 kg
Weight in water-

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