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Observatory reference: NEP-5000-LINK

Standard: NTU

NEP-5000-LINK is a wireless interface for the new NEP-5000 family of ANALITE Turbidity sensors. This new development allows the user to take field measurements and log the data directly to an Android phone or a Tablet.

The NEP-5000-LINK Hand-held solution is comprised of an Analite NEP-5000 auto-ranging turbidity sensor, a NEP-5000-LINK wireless interface and the NEP- LINK Android Application for your Bluetooth-enabled Android device.

Simple to operate, can be upgradeable and customized with a wide range of accessories. A NEP- 5000 is a compact self-cleaning, auto-ranging field instrument. The sensor is connected to the wireless module for quick field or process readings, record and export loggings, directly from the Android Application.


Observator Instruments
Observator Instruments

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Technical specifications

Turbidity range
Light source wavelength
Depth rating
Power supply
Max. power consumption
Internal memory
Weight in air
Weight in water

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