Classic Submersible Sensor

Aquation's Classic Submersible Fluorescence Sensor measures chlorophyll fluorescence. With the modulated "PAM" technique, this sensor returns an estimate of the efficiency of photochemical energy conversion, useful in calculating plant photosynthetic efficiency. Modified sensors can measure chlorophyll or phycocyanin concentrations. An optional light pipe extension and sample holder enables measurement of samples away from the sensor, avoiding shading.


Aquation Pty Ltd
Aquation Pty Ltd

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Technical specifications

Depth rating50 m
Max. pressure5 bar
Housing materialacetal
Power supply12 V DC
Power consumption12-24W during measurement, 40 mW resting
Size100 mm long, 45 mm diameter
Excitation wavelength470 nm
Detectorbroadband detector with 660 or 695 nm longpass filter
Range0-15 mm, or 300 mm with light pipe extension
Detection limits~1 microgram L-1
InterfaceRS485 with computer, or SDI-12, or ethernet with computer
ConnectorSubconn micro series
Operating temperature0-45 C

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