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Observatory reference: NEMO-SN1[2014-****]

Sentinel’s sensitivity is state-of-the-art (0.015 nT), far superior to most traditional base station magnetometers, and its power requirement is orders of magnitude lower. Couple this with its enormous one million reading nonvolatile memory and you have an instrument that is capable of collecting months of high resolution total field magnetometer data on a single battery charge. A complete self-contained long-term magnetic monitoring station, the Sentinel contains a battery pack and a low-power omni directional Overhauser magnetometer all sealed in a pressurized housing. It comes with accessories that allow it to be deployed on land on any terrain, above ground suspended from tree branches or overhangs, and underwater to depths of 1000 m or more. It can be stationed virtually anywhere on the surface of the Earth. Marine Magnetics’ BaseLINK software for Windows (included) allows the user to easily set the clock and the sample rate with the touch of a key. Non-volatile memory ensures that Sentinel remembers its settings, and automatically places itself in low-power standby when not in use. To deploy Sentinel on land, assemble the all-aluminum tripod base using the supplied thumbscrews (no tools required). Place the tripod in the desired location, and then insert Sentinel into the base. When you feel the click of the housing connecting, Sentinel will automatically perform a self-test. Note that Sentinel’s sensor is omnidirectional and therefore requires no orientation.


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Technical specifications

Operating range18000 to 120000 nT
Sensitivity0.015 nT/√Hz
Resolution0.001 nT
Absolute accuracy0.2 nT
Gradient tolerance> 10000 nT/m
Heading error-
Sampling rate1/Min to 1 Hz
Depth rating1000 m or 3000 m
Power requirement12 VDC
Operating temperature-25 to 60 ºC
DiameterØ130 mm x 1130 mm
Weight in air14 kg
Weight in water-

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