Explorer is the smallest, lightest total field mag out there. At a mere 3 kgs (7 lbs) its convenience beats the heavy-weights, fitting neatly in all those hard to reach places from your boat, to the survey area, to your budget. What Explorer lacks in size, it does not lack in sensitivity. Explorer delivers high-resolution output at 0.02 nT. That’s on par with optically pumped sensors, and more sensitive than any proton sensors. Explorer was designed with unsurpassed power efficiency, a maximum of 2 W. That means dependable, low power consumption, and the convenience of leaving your generator at home when you only need lightweight alkaline batteries. Optional is a 24 V Universal AC power supply. Explorer uses the smartest data technology available to marine magnetometers. Its absolute accuracy, 0.1 nT, is shared only with MarineMagnetic’s SeaSPY model. No matter where you are in the world, or what direction you are surveying in, Explorer’s omnidirectional sensor has your back. It collects accurate data every single time. Unlike optically pumped magnetometers that require orientation specific to your location’s magnetic field, Explorer’s omnidirectional sensor is pre-optimized for hassle-free data collection.


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Marine Magnetics Corp.

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Technical specifications

Operating range18000 to 120000 nT
Sensitivity0.02 nT/√Hz
Resolution0.001 nT
Absolute accuracy0.1 nT
Gradient tolerance10000 nT/m
Heading error-
Sampling rate0.1 to 4 Hz
Depth rating300, 1000, 3000 or 6000m
Power requirement9 - 40 VDC or 100 - 240 VAC, 2 W
Operating temperature-45 to 60 ºC
DiameterØ60 mm x 860 mm
Weight in air3 kg
Weight in water1.2 kg

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