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Observatory reference: DELOS B[2009-****], NOG[2014-****], PAP[2013-****], SOG[2014-****]

Sediment Traps collect vertically settling particles into individual sample bottles which are sealed when not in collection mode.

Exceptional performance for biogeochemical studies including radionucleide, paleoproxy, carbon cycle analysis. Beneficial for environmental and pollution monitoring.


McLane Research Laboratories, Inc.
McLane Research Laboratories, Inc.

121 Bernard Saint Jean Drive
East Falmouth, MA 02536

+1 (508) 495-4000

+1 (508) 495-3333

Technical specifications

Depth rating7000 m (10000 m model available)
Weight in air72 kg
Max. deployed time18 months
Operating temperature-2 to 35°C
Number of samples21 or 13
Bottle volume250ml or 500ml
Pressure housing-
Power supply14 "C" size alkaline cells
CommunicationsRS-232, Ethernet optional
Housing materialAluminum

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