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Observatory reference: NEMO-SN1[2014-****]

Standard: NEMO-SN1

The OAS Series E high pressure hydrophones are ultra sensitive acoustic detectors that can be used at any ocean depth with no danger of damage or degradation of performance. Originally designed for deep water use on the multi-million dollar U.S. Navy sponsored Project Artemis, this type of hydrophone has provided years of trouble-free operation. Its cost is surprisingly low for a high quality hydrophone.


Optimum Applied Systems, Inc.
Optimum Applied Systems, Inc.

900 Dutchess Turnpike
Poughkeepsie, N.Y., 12603




Technical specifications

Depth ratingUnlimited
Max. pressure-
Housing materialSensing Element: Lead Zirconate-Titanate; Protective Boot: Butyl 60 Shore A Durometer; Machined Parts: Black Anodized Aluminum
Power supply-
Power consumption-
Size50.8Øx228.6 mm
Resonant frequency±1db
Transmit sensitivity-92 db re 1V/µbar
Receive sensitivity-
Frequency rate0 to 5 kHz; to 25 kHz

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