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Observatory reference: OBSEA[2009-****]

Standard: OBSEA

The Naxys Ehyd can be used for a number of subsea applications, ranging from Oceanography & Marine research to monitoring of the safety in ports and harbors. The Naxys Ehyd is easy to use, has Ethernet interface through a Cat5 cable and the data is stored as .wav files. The user can for instance define the gain, sampling rate, frequency filters, data storage and more. "PLUG and PLAY!"



Hegrenesveien 42
NO-5042 Bergen

+47 55 36 48 80

+47 55 36 48 81

Technical specifications

Depth rating3000 m
Max. pressure3000 m
Housing materialStainless steel
Power supply-
Power consumption-
Weight2.6 kg
Size64Øx357 mm
Resonant frequency-
Transmit sensitivity-179 dB rel V/ µPa
Receive sensitivity-211 dB rel V/ µPa
Frequency rate5 to 300 KHz
Cable/ConnectorCable: 2 pair signal,1 pair power AWG 26/AWG 18 (Cat5); Connector: 5507 1508 Burton

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