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Observatory reference: DELOS-B[2009-****]

Standard: DELOS-B

SQ42 is broad band hydrophone offering a wide frequency range and omnidirectional response characteristics in both planes. A spherical element is used in the construction of this hydrophone. These characteristics make the SQ42 ideally suited for underwater calibrations and sound measurements up to 350 kHz. The hydrophone has an integral low-noise 40 dB preamplifier that can drive long cables without distortion.


Sensor Technology Ltd.
Sensor Technology Ltd.

PO Box 97, 20 Stewart Road
Collingwood, Ontario L9Y 3Z4

+1 (705) 444-1440

+1 (705) 444-6787


Technical specifications

Depth rating3500 m
Max. pressure3500 m
Housing material-
Power supply-
Power consumption-
Weight980 g
Size38x279.4 mm
Resonant frequency-
Transmit sensitivity-
Receive sensitivity-170.0 ± 1.0 dBV re 1 µPa
Frequency rate1 to 350 000 Hz
Cable/ConnectorMCBH5M Male 5 Pin

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