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Observatory reference: OBSEA[2013-****]

The Trillium 120P is an exceptional seismometer having an instrument self noise 4dB above the NLNM at 100 seconds and below the NLNM up to 10Hz.

This instrument incorporates the same symmetric triaxial design and suspension system as the highly successful Trillium 40. The design employs fewer parts than traditional sensors and offers improved temperature stability. The robustness and reliability of the mechanical suspension is well proven: with over 500 Trillium units operating in the field, there have been no mechanical failures.



250 Herzberg Road
Kanata, Ontario K2K 2A1

+1 613 592 6776

+1 613 592 5929

Technical specifications

Depth rating-
Max. pressure-
Housing material-
Power supply9 to 36 volts DC
Power consumption15V (650mW)
Weight7.2 kg
Size21Øx21.8 cm
Frequency scale120 sec to 100 Hz
Damping (open circuit)-
Sensivity (open circuit)1201V·s/m ±0.5%
Max. possible tilt2.5°

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