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Observatory reference: Antares[2010-****]

The Guralp Systems CMG-3 range of compact three-component broadband seismometers are suitable for surface vault, subsurface vault, posthole and borehole installations. The instruments are thoroughly proven and have been in continuous production since 1987. The CMG-3T is widely used on many National Seismic Networks, with over 3000 triaxial instruments deployed worldwide. The instruments can be supplied with built in digitisers, acquisition modules and a range of storage and communications options.


Guralp Systems
Guralp Systems

Guralp Systems Limited
Midas House
Calleva Park
United Kingdom

+44 (0) 118 981 9056

+44 (0) 118 981 9943

Technical specifications

Depth rating-
Max. pressure-
Housing materialStainless steel case
Power supply10 – 36 V DC or 5 V DC supply (optional)
Power consumption62 mA
Size168Øx344 mm
Frequency scale360 sec to 50 Hz (120 sec – 50 Hz standard)
Damping (open circuit)-
Sensivity (open circuit)2 × 750 V/ms-1 (1500 V/ms-1) or in the range 2 × 500 V/ms-1 to 2 × 10,000 V/ms-1 (optional)
High>107 dB horizontal, 111 dB vertical
Max. possible tilt

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