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Observatory reference: E1-M3A[2014-****], TENATSO, W1-M3A[2014-****]

The SBE 43 is an individually calibrated, high-accuracy oxygen sensor to assist in critical hypoxia and ocean stoichiometric oxygen chemistry research on a variety of profiling and moored platforms. Careful choices of materials, geometry, and sensor chemistry are combined with superior electronics and calibration methodology to yield significant gains in performance.

The SBE 43 is designed for use in a CTD’s pumped flow path, providing optimal correlation with CTD measurements. The elapsed time between the CTD and associated oxygen measurement is easily quantified, and corrected for, in post-processing. The black plenum and plumbing’s black tubing blocks light, reducing in-situ algal growth. Plumbing isolates the SBE 43 from continuous exposure to the external environment, allowing trapped water to go anoxic and minimizing electrolyte consumption between samples for moored deployments.


Sea-Bird Electronics, Inc.
Sea-Bird Electronics, Inc.

1808 136th Place NE
98005 Washington Bellevue

(+1) 425-643-9866

(+1) 425-643-9954

Technical specifications

Depth rating600 or 7000 m
Max. pressurePlastic: 600 m; Titanium: 7000 m
Housing materialPlastic or Titanium
Power supply6.5 - 24 VDC; 60 milliwatts
Power consumption0 - 5 VDC
WeightPlastic: 0.5 kg air, 0.1 kg water; Titanium: 0.7 kg air, 0.4 kg water
Size69.9x39Øx299 mm
Accuracy± 2%
Response time2 to 5 sec for 0.5-mil membrane, 8 to 20 sec for 1.0-mil membrane (63%)

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