Oxygen Optode 4330/4330F

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Observatory reference: PAP, STATION M

The AADI Oxygen optode was the first and only to measure dissolved oxygen for years without drift - now it is one of the fastest!

The Oxygen optode is designed to measure absolute oxygen concentration and % saturation. The optode can be used from streams to deep sea, from fish farms to waste water and from polar ice areas to hydrothermal vents. The lifetime-based luminescence quenching principle offers the following benefits:

Response time <8 sec (63%)
High accuracy
Not stirring sensitive (it consumes no oxygen)
Lower fouling sensitivity
Measures absolute oxygen concentrations without repeated calibrations
Better long-term stability
Hot water monitoring
Less affected by pressure
Not sensitive to H2S
Not freezing sensitive


Aanderaa Data Instruments Inc.
Aanderaa Data Instruments Inc.

P.O.Box 34 Slåtthaug
N-5851 Bergen

+47 55 60 48 00

+47 55 60 48 01


Technical specifications

Depth ratingSW: 0-300 m; IW: 0–2000 m; DW: 0-6000 m
Max. pressure300, 2000 or 6000 m
Housing materialEpoxy coated Titanium, PA
Power supply5 to 14Vdc
Power consumption0.16 +48 mA/S where S (sec); Maxi: 100 mA
Weight175 g
SizeØ36 x 86mm
Accuracy<8 µM or 5%
Response time4330F: <8 sec; 4330: <25 sec
Resolution< 1 µM

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