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Observatory reference: NEMO-SN1[2014-****]

Standard: NEMO-SN1

The MAVS Current Meteris a true 3 axis Acoustic Current Meter
which employs a differential travel time measurement technique. The
current meter takes measurements across 4 acoustic axes to provide a
true vector averaged velocity measurement. Programmable burst mode
and triggered sampling provide the most flexible current meter

The combination of small sensor geometry and differential travel time technique provide unsurpassed resolution and accuracy. The small transducer size significantly reduces the disturbance to water flow.While the standard range of measurement is 200 cm/sec, low speed measurement accuracy in the 0.03 cm/sec to 10 cm/sec range is preserved.



27195 Neaptide Drive
Punta Gorda, Fl 33983

+1 (941) 766-0706

+1 (941) 766-0707

Technical specifications

Depth rating2000 or 6000 m
Max. pressure10000 PSI
Housing material-
Power supply13.5 VDC, 18 AA Alkaline batteries
Power consumption-
Weight2.3 kg air, 1.2 kg water
Size82.6Øx635 mm
MemoryInternal memory (15, 20, 30, 40, 48, 64, 80 or 96 Mb flash card)
CommunicationsTTL, RS232 or RS485
Speed type-
Speed size-
Speed range200 cm/sec (optional ranges available)
Speed accuracy±0.3 cm/sec
Direction type-
Direction range360°
Direction accuracy±2°
Direction resolution
Temperature type-
Temperature range-5 to 45 °C
Temperature accuracy±0.1 °C
Temperature resolution0.03 °C

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