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Observatory reference: ESTOC[2014-****]

Standard: ESTOC

Inductive current meter with integrated analog electronics and Micro-WetCon connector, two components, +/-3m/s, voltage output.
Optional 2axis magnetometer as compass.
Customized connector optional.


HS Engineers
HS Engineers

hs engineers
Dr.-Ing. Schlueter VDI

Hortensienhof 3
D-18107 Lichtenhagen (Dorf)

+49 (0) 381 - 761 20 10

+49 (0) 381 - 761 20 11

Technical specifications

Depth rating1000 m (deep-sea versions optional
Max. pressure-
Housing material-
Power supply85+35 mA (current+compass), 12 Vdc +20/-15% (other available)
Power consumption-
Weight1.55 kp
Size85Øx170 mm
Speed type-
Speed size-
Speed range3m/s
Speed accuracy0.5%
Direction type-
Direction range-
Direction accuracy-
Direction resolution-
Temperature type-
Temperature range-
Temperature accuracy-
Temperature resolution-

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