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Observatory reference: ESTOC[2014-****]

Standard: ESTOC

The OCEAN SEVEN 304 CTD, completes the line of high quality and accuracy IDRONAUT OCEAN SEVEN CTDs, fulfilling the demand for a high performance CTD probe with very small diameter and extremely low power consumption. This CTD can be easily integrated/adapted to third-party systems like floating profilers and/or buoy-moored systems, ROVs and AUVs. The 304 CTD standard interface is RS232C; other interfaces like: TTL, RS422 and Wireless Bluetooth® can be optionally installed.

Idronaut prides itself on the design of its full ocean depth, pump free, low maintenance sensors. Central to which, is their high accuracy seven-platinum-ring quartz conductivity cell (patented), which can be cleaned in the field without the need for re-calibration. This unique quartz cell employs a large diameter (8 mm) and a short length (46 mm) to guarantee self-flushing and no clogging after long-term deployment even in biologically active waters. Competitors' cells, which present few mm only of cell orifice and very long cell length, are prone to clog even if protected by dangerous and poisonous antifouling devices. The OCEAN SEVEN 304 CTD does not require pumps or any other external device to flush the sensors, which minimizes its power consumption and allows the use in Arctica and Antarctica.

The 304 CTD offers a combination of 16-bit high resolution data accuracy, with long-term sensor stability, making this CTD the best choice for both on-line profiling and self-recording moored applications. The CTD uses state-of-the-art electronics and is equipped with a 512-Mbyte logging memory.

Moreover, the user can select the proper conductivity range: for salt or fresh water, making this CTD a very advanced tool for sampling sites near shore influenced by fresh water inlets, or/and for groundwater profiling and monitoring applications.



Via Monte Amiata 10
20047 Brugherio (MI)

+39 039-879656

+39 039-883382


Technical specifications

Depth range-
Max. pressureAISI: 1000 dbar, Titanium: 6000 dbar
Housing materialAISI 316/black POM or Titanium grade 2
Power supplyBattery (two 9V, 0.5 Ah, PP3 alkaline batteries)
Power consumption-
WeightAISI: 1.3 kg air, 0.7 kg water; Titanium: 3.7 kg air, 2.8 kg water
SizeAISI: 43Øx630 mm; Titanium: 48Øx635 mm
Memory512 Mb
Sampling rates0.1 to 8 Hz, 2 sec to 24 hour intervals
CommunicationsRS232C, Asynchronous TTL, RS422, Bluetooth
Download speed-
Conductivity rangeSalt water: 0 to 70 mS/cm; Fresh water: 0 to 7000 µS/cm
Conductivity accuracySalt water: ±0.007 mS/cm; Fresh water: ±5 µS/cm
Temperature range-5 to 35 °C
Temperature accuracy±0.005 °C
Depth accuracy±0.01 %FS

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