The microFlu-DS is a miniaturized submersible fluorometer for high precision and selective fluorescence measurements in deepsea regions with water depths down to 6,000m / 20,000 feet. The combination of a miniaturized design with long term stability and low power consumption makes it suitable for moored application, as well as installations on ROVs or AUVs. The pressure housing is completely made of titanium and rated to 6,000m / 20,000 feet. An analog output, as well as a RS232 interface makes it easy to integrate the sensors in any control or data logging system. Solid secondary standards are available for all versions and grant fast and reliable functional checks, without the need of chemicals or laboratory.
The DS version of the microFlu is available with different filtersets.


TriOS GmbH
TriOS GmbH

Werftweg 15
26135 Oldenburg

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Technical specifications

Depth rating- 6,000m / 20,000 feet
Max. pressure-
Housing material- titanium
Power supply- 5 .. 15 VDC
Power consumption-
Excitation wavelength-
Detection limits-
Operating temperature-

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