Full Tilt

Conventional seismic sensors have to face a problem: Gravity. Even the slightest deviation from their default orientation will produce inaccurate results and has to be compensated with elaborate measures, for instance mechanical gimballing.

Our "Full Tilt" geophone represents the electronic solution for this mechanical problem: A control circuit constantly detects the position of the sensor´s solenoid, calculates the deviation from the default orientation and corrects the solenoid´s position accordingly. Additionally, the tilt information is being mixed into the sensor signal and thus allows to correct the recorded data appropriately before further processing.

This correction is so fast and precise, that the "Full Tilt" geophone is even working reliably and accurate when it has been dropped head first - which usually means a total loss for conventional, uncompensated devices.


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Technical specifications

Depth rating-
Max. pressure-
Housing material-
Power supply-
Power consumption-
Frequency scale-
Damping (open circuit)-
Sensivity (open circuit)-
Max. possible tilt-

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