The AQUAMATIC current speed sensor AQCS-010MS has no moving parts for detection of the current. The ultrasonic sensor operates in sea water as well as rivers, measuring current velocity from a few mm/sec. to approximately 6 meter/sec. profiling or monitoring.

The sensor contains four pairs of piezoelectric transducers. Each transducer pair faces each other at a distance "L". The fluid flow magnitude and direction are measured by transmitting short 2 MHz bursts in opposite directions. The difference in travel time across "L" is a direct expression of the current speed.

4 OUTPUT: Vx vector and Vy vector (horizontal) compensated for Vz vector (vertical).
Vz vector (vertical) plus SV Sound Velocity.

Features include a pressure stable and waterproof construction designed for easy maintenance at sea. Small dimensions, good linearity, high accuracy and long time stability.
The acoustic transmission losses might be too large for proper operation, if the water contains bubbles of gas or air, if the water contains greater particles (diameter over ø 0,2 mm) or the water has high turbulence movement.



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Technical specifications

Depth rating-
Max. pressure-
Housing material-
Power supply-
Power consumption-
Speed type-
Speed size-
Speed range-
Speed accuracy-
Direction type-
Direction range-
Direction accuracy-
Direction resolution-
Temperature type-
Temperature range-
Temperature accuracy-
Temperature resolution-

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