Hydrolab Conductivity Sensor

The Hydrolab Conductivity sensor uses four graphite electrodes in an open cell design to provide extremely accurate and reliable data with virtually no maintenance.

● Design based on four graphite electrodes in an open cell design
● The probe measures the current between 2 electrodes held at a fixed potential; additional electrodes are used to compensate for any fouling of the electrode surfaces
● Sensor measurements used to derive Salinity, Total Dissolved Solids, and Resistivity

● Reduces measurement error due to environment – sediment falls to the bottom of the cell, and bubbles rise to the top. Measurements are reliable in any condition.
● Easily maintained between deployments by cleaning with a Q-tip or cotton swab


HACH Environmental
HACH Environmental

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Technical specifications

Operating depth
Conductivity range
Conductivity resolution-
Conductivity accuracy-
Temperature range-
Temperature resolution-
Temperature accuracy-
Sampling interval-
Supply voltage-
Operating temperature-
Dimensions (wxdxh)-

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