Model 6600

The Rig Anchor Release (RAR) provides rapid, selective release for mooring systems on drillships and semi-submersible drilling rigs. This ability can be utilized in a number of conditions which can save time, equipment and personnel.
By providing a quick disconnect and reattachment, the RAR can be used to abandon a drilling site quickly and then return to the site, re-establish the mooring pattern and not require resetting of anchors. The RAR will provide an added degree of safety and flexibility by permitting selective release of anchors.
The RAR is a unique design using a locking shoe configuration which locks the two sections of the release unit together by engaging two locking rings; one on each section. In the locked position the unit cannot accidentally open. This failsafe design insures that the anchor will release only commanded. Release is accomplished when the hydraulic accumulator's solenoids are fired, driving the piston and cam assembly back, causing the locking shoes to retract and disengage the locking rings.


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