Model MR5000B

The InterOcean MR5000B Motor Driven Release provides a reliable, secure, mechanical release link permitting the recovery of instrument packages or other items from underwater locations.
The Motor Driven Release utilizes a DC motor in a pressure compensated, oil-filled chamber. The motor rotates a "D" shaft which, when rotated 90 deg., permits the hook to fall free and release the anchoring mechanism. The unit will release with no load or up to its full rated tensile load of 2,250 kg. Optional versions of the release are available for 4,500 Kg or 11,300 Kg tensile loads. For special, heavy construction applications, units rated for 64,000 Kg and 450,000 Kg are also available.


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InterOcean Systems, Inc.

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Technical specifications

Release load
Safe working load
Max. load
Depth rating
Frequency range
Battery life
Weight in air
Weight in water

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