S2C R USBL Series Communication and Positioning Devices

EvoLogics S2CR USBL is a series of combined positioning and communication devices for a variety of subsea applications. Combining powerful USBL transceiver functionality with full benefits of an S2C technology communication link, a S2CR USBL device is an efficient choice for application scenarios that demand space-, energy- and cost-saving solutions.

S2CR USBL devices provide accurate USBL tracking and full-duplex digital communication, delivering an excellent all-round performance. S2CR USBL devices implement advanced data delivery algorithms, support addressing and networking and are easy to control with a comprehensive set of commands and software-configurable settings.

Switching between positioning and communication modes is not necessary: positioning data is calculated simultaneously with acoustic transmissions. Both features complement each other in a fully integrated positioning and communication system.

The S2CR USBL series offers a selection of short- mid- and long-range devices for shallow or deep water applications. Each product is available in a variety of configurations to offer the best-fit solution for a particular scenario.

Moreover, EvoLogics' new underwater acoustic positioning software, the SiNAPS, provides easy-to-use display features for real-time tracking of multiple targets, supports interfacing with external instruments and offers advanced data management tools.


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