L.COM lad Based Communication Software


Land Based Communication & Configuration Management Software

Our L.COM Software is a local counterpart to our R.COM module.
By the product L.COM develogic provides configuration services for all our instruments – local or remote. It furthermore submits logging the received remote data to forward the data to a selected sensor manufacturers’ data management software.*

L.COM communicates with remote sites either via directly interfaced transponders or, in case of IRIDIUM Short Burst data services, by interfacing to your e-mail server.

*Currently: AADI Realtime Data Collector Software


Develogic GmbH
Develogic GmbH

Eiffestrasse 598
D-20537 Hamburg

+49 (0)40.98 26 25 13

+49 (0)40.98 26 25 22


Technical specifications

Depth ratingDierct interfacing to SATEL Satelline Modems and selected GPRS modems Iridium SBD Communication via e_amil server
Housing materialRUDICS backend service ( in preparation) Configuration of R.COM, HAM.NODE/HAM.BASE and Mini.Logger systems
Data storage capacity
Time base stability
Power supply
Power consumption
Temperature range

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