Mini Logger - Interface and Data Logging Module


Interface & Data Logging Module

Our multifunctional interface and data logging module features an onboard SDHC based data logger as well as 4 serial ports (2x RS232/ 422/ 485, 2 x RS232), USB (host and slave) and CAN2.0B interface.

The optional available daughter board provides additional sensors often required in standard applications (such as 3-axis accelerometer/ inclinometer. 2 axis gyroscope, compass, pressure sensor). It includes 6 digital and 2 analogue inputs as well as 4 optically isolated and 4 high power output switches.

Helpful additional functions are a precision time base, a switchable power supply for external sensors and many more.

Furthermore it is possible to stack multiple modules (master/ slave configuration), if our customers’ applications require any additional ports.
This module is primarily intended to be a flexible and powerful multiport data logging system controller solution in buoy based or ocean floor sensor systems. This system is feasible to be used as a standalone version one or a combination with any of our telemetry systems offered. Due to the extra low power consumption it is ideally suited to be used for long-term deployments.

Our flexible and extensive firmware allows economical and reliable customization. It enables our customers to handle applications now, which cannot be concluded by the current available standard firmware.

Further details can be read in the datasheet (attachment)


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Technical specifications

Depth ratingStandard Interfaces: 2 high speed 64 byte FIFO serial ports (individually to RS232/422/485) up to 230kbps 1 low power low speed serial port (with optional hardware handshake) up to 9600bps
Housing materialOptional Interfaces: CAN 2.0B (max. 1 Mbps2515 CAN controller) USB 2.0 -configurable as USB slave or USB controller (Mass storage support with configurable power from/to bus)
Data storage capacitySDHC card slot, currently supporting up to 32GB capacity cards with FAT32 file system 128Byte non volatile FRAM buffer memory
Time base stabilityStandard 25ppm crystal oscillator time base for low power consumption Optional low power algorithmically compensated time base (drift <0,035ppm - 5°C to 35°C after calibration ( from GPS or ext. PPS time base- can be established via Software)
Power supply4 to 33V reserve voltage protected
Power consumption3mW power consumption in standby modus
Temperature range

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