Port 10 - Interface and Data Logging Module

Port 10

Interface and Data Logging Module

Our multifunctional interface and data logging module features 10 serial ports (6 x RS232/422/485 and 4 x RS232) and additionally it shows an onboard SDHC based data logger with 32GB storage capacity.

Six serial ports are individually configurable to RS232/422/485 and feature a 64 byte hardware FIFO. Four serial ports are RS232 with a hardware handshake. Baud rates up to 230kbps are possible.

Two independent DC/DC converters provide a supply voltage of 5V, 8V or 12V to any of the serial ports (routing is software-compatible). Switching off ports can be trigged by the command interface or a configurable schedule.

Maximum current for each supply voltage is 2A. Optionally, the two DC/DC converters can be parallel-connected with an equivalent supply voltage, this circuit helps increasing the maximal possible sensor supply current in up to 4A.

The Port 10 module is primarily intended to be a flexible and powerful multiport data logging and controller solution in buoy based and ocean bottom sensor systems – either standalone or in combination with any of our telemetry systems. Due to the very low current drain, Port 10 is an ideal answer to be used for long-term deployments.

Connecting Port 10 to our HAM.BASE hydro acoustic modem by a dedicated system bus interface, the combination offers up to 14 serial ports with selectable sensor supply ( 8 x RS232/ RS422/ RS 485 software selectable, 6 x RS 232). This configuration allows up to three different sensor supply voltages to be available simultaneously.

Our Port 10 firmware, a solid solution to handle special applications not comparable to the common configurable standard firmware, allows a reliable and economic customization in any way.

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Technical specifications

Depth rating
Housing materialSerial Interfaces: 6x high speed 64 byte FIFO serial ports, individually configurable to RS 232/422/485 - up to 230kbps 4 x high speed RS232 serial ports - up to 230 kpbs
Weight2 x independently switchable DC/DC converters for sensor supply, 5V/ 8V/12 V supply voltage 2A max per supply voltage, routable to any of the serial port connectors
SizeDiameter 109mm
Data storage capacitySDHC card slot, currently supporting up to 32GB capacity cards with FAT file system 512kByte on volatile FRAM buffer memory
Time base stabilityStandard 25ppm crystal oscillator time base for low power consumption optional low power, software temperature sompensated time base < 1ppm drift
Power supply12V to 48V supply voltage
Power consumption
Temperature range

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