Model 1090ED

The 1090ED has the same capabilities and operating characteristics as the 1090E but is designed for applications with deeper depth requirements. Like the 1090E it is ruggedly constructed of aluminum alloy, small and easy to handle. The 1090ED incorporates transponder and pinger capability and may be equipped with a Tilt Sensor and Alarm. The InterOcean Tandem Release Mounting Bracket and/or Tag-Line Canister are also available as standard options. An especially unique feature is the ability to separate the acoustic receiver/transponder section and release hook mechanism as may be required on subsea frames, landers, or ROV's to prevent acoustic shadowing.


InterOcean Systems, Inc.
InterOcean Systems, Inc.

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Technical specifications

Release load
Safe working load
Max. load
Depth rating
Frequency range
Battery life
Weight in air
Weight in water

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