The DBC-2 aggregates data from a range of sources, and
provides storage and telemetry options for these data. Weather,
current and water quality parameters from multiple sensors may
be included.
Power management & telemetry options are also incorporated
to enable real time transmission of data directly to the user’s
desktop. As a back up, the data stored in flash memory may
be retrieved from the DBC-2 when the unit is taken off line for
The entry level DBC-2 is housed in an IP65 enclosure size
90x145x225mm with LEMO environmental series K connectors.
The mating LEMO connectors are designed to enter the external
housing of a data buoy superstructure through water tight
glands to provide a simple field installation of all cabling, thus
avoiding any custom work on the part of the user. The DBC-2
hardware may contain a combination of serial data and analogue
cards to connect to external sensors. The entry level enclosure
supports up to 12 channels, but larger enclosures housing
higher numbers of interface cards are available. Serial cards are
controlled by the RBR metatable software (see reverse of data sheet) and analogue cards may be selected from a range of
standard interfaces.


RBR Europe Ltd.
RBR Europe Ltd.

17, Cratlands Close
OX44 7TU
United Kingdom

+44 (0) 1865 890979

+44 (0) 1865 890979


Technical specifications

Depth rating-
Housing material-
Data storage capacity-
Time base stability-
Power supply-
Power consumption-
Temperature range-

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