Model 111

The Model 111 Shallow Water Acoustic Release is a compact and reusable device, designed for coastal applications with light payloads. The Model 111 incorporates advanced digital circuitry which permits reduction in size and power consumption, and is a cost effective way to recover subsea packages. Compatible with the entire line of InterOcean systems acoustic command units and tag-line canister's, the Model 111 is an ideal supplement to your coastal experiment mooring hardware. This small, rugged acoustic release is ideal for all shallow water applications requiring secure recovery of underwater equipment with field proven performance.
Once the Release Code has been received and confirmed, a motor driven actuator disengages the release arm allowing the release lever to swing free. The release lever and arm are then easily reengaged.
Opening the case between short-term deployments or tests is not necessary. The design incorporates an external load member and shackle points, allowing users to mount the Model 111 into frames, trawl resistant moorings, or conventional in-line moorings.


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Technical specifications

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