Compatt/ DPT Transponder Flotation Collar - 870-0251

Sonardyne’s range of subsurface flotation collars enable acoustic navigation and positioning transponders to be deployed, moored on the seabed and then recovered to the surface. The floats are compatible with all Sonardyne’s latest generation Compatt 5 and DPT Wideband transponders as well as previous generation Mk4 Compatts. They can be used with directional and omnidirectional transducer types Manufactured from high performance materials appropriate to the required depth rating, each float assembly comes in two halves and is clamped around the transponder using stainless steel fixings. Bright colours ensure good visibility, either when subsea and viewed from an ROV’s camera or when floating on the surface prior to recovery. Once on the surface, the flotation collar is designed so that the transponder floats in a downward position insuring that the acoustic transducer is kept submerged. This can assist with relocating the transponder using a vessel-based acoustic positioning system and also protects the acoustic transducer during recovery back onboard.


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Technical specifications

Net buoyancy32.7 kg
Depth3000 m
Dimensions595 x 445 x 445 mm
Weight in air64 kg

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