ARC-1XD draws on long-immersion field experience gained with the ARC-1 since 2004 in PIER’s Channel Islands Acoustic Receiver Array and the POST Acoustic Receiver Array. It combines multiple specific improvements implemented and endurance tested in these long-deployment arrays into a new extended deployment (XD) version of the ARC-1. ARC-1XD is optimized for maximum reliability in individual instrument or array deployments, both on a semi-permanent basis or with long service intervals of up to 1 year.
Titanium Hardware: ARC-1XD is manufactured entirely using Titanium hardware to complement the Delrin housing, virtually eliminating concerns such as crevice corrosion or pitting that can compromise stainless steel or hard anodized aluminum housings or seize mechanisms in extended underwater deployments.
Factory Sealed Housing: Opening a housing to replace a battery potentially compromises integrity and can cause reliability problems due to a variety of factors such as O-ring contamination or interference, battery insertion and connector faults, accidental use of old battery etc. ARC-1XD is factory sealed and pressure tested. External battery charging eliminates the need for opening the housing. A timer and status alert monitors the gentle charge process and indicates if the release has not been properly charged prior to deployment.
Transportation Safe Low Self-Discharge Battery: ARC-1XD is made possible by a new generation of very low self-discharge Nickel Metal Hydride battery, the Sanyo Eneloop. Maintaining typically 85% of capacity one year after charging, this battery supports extended deployment. Unlike primary Lithium batteries normally used in long deployment acoustic releases, the Ni-MH battery is transportation safe, is legal for air transport and shipment and does not fall under UN or DOT hazardous materials regulations.
Extended Depth and Acoustic Command Range: ARC-1XD, like the ARC-1 is configured to assume high ambient noise levels and high multi-path (reverberations) as often occur in near shore waters. By reducing the operating frequency, the nominal range under these high-noise (120 dB) conditions has been extended to 500m. The depth rating of the housing is 750 m.


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