The Greenspan TS3000 Turbidity Sensor provides a complete self contained turbidity measurement and data logging system for all environmental water monitoring applications. The integral wiper and digital filtering technology provide long term reliable operation at remote sites where bio-fouling or sedimentation can occur.

The internal data logger allows data collection at remote sites, as well as options for remote telemetry connection. A durable acetal body with double O ring design ensures suitability for the harshest environment applications. The sensor can be fitted with an external cable, or with an on board battery pack for true stand alone operation.

Other cable options can provide serial output in SDI12 format for connection to external Data Logger or process controller. The TS3000 sensor is easy to configure using Smartcom software and provides a reliable solution for long term monitoring.


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Technical specifications

Turbidity range
Light source wavelength
Depth rating
Power supply
Max. power consumption
Internal memory
Weight in air
Weight in water

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