WiSub’s patented award-winning underwater microwave-based connector solutions have proven to be a disruptive solution creating new possibilities for the subsea industry. Maelstrom is designed with flexible mounting and a transparent Ethernet interface.

Comparative Advantages

WiSub pinless connectors transfer data through seawater at much higher data rates than many other existing non-contact subsea communications methods, being based on high-speed, high-frequency microwave electronics vs. low-frequency RF, inductive or acoustic technologies. WiSub pinless connectors are unaffected by acoustic disturbance, or by turbidity and marine growth that might affect optical systems. Electronics and tranducers are optimized for through-water transmissions. Low-frequency inductive power transfer and high-frequency data transfer solutions peacefully co-existing without interference.

Flexible Operational Tolerances

WiSub pinless connectors overcome sub-millimeter tolerances to offer centimeter tolerances on your subsea connection applications, enabling subsea solutions never before possible with pinned connectors.



WiSub AS
Nedre Åstveit 12
5106 Øvre Ervik,

+47 5612 3800

Technical specifications

TypePinless / contactless microwave (data transfer) plus inductive (power transfer)
Number of contactsnot relevant
In-line cable typeFalmat FM022208-11 rated to 10,000 psi. Cable can also be customer-specified.
Voltage rating24 VDC
Current rating2 Amps
Insulation resistanceConnectors provide galvanic separation between connector halves, so IR is not relevant between mated connector pairs. IR between conductors is set by cable type, but this information is not relevant due to the active nature of pinless connectors (active e
Contact resistancenot relevant
Temperature rating0 to 40 degrees Celsius
Depth rating3000 metres
Shell materialAnodized aluminum is standard, but available in statinless steel, plastic (Delrin) and customer-specified material.
Body materialAnodized aluminum is standard, but available in statinless steel, plastic (Delrin) and customer-specified material.
Contacts materialnot relevant

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